What is the introductory test?

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What is the introductory test?

This test helps you to make a choice from the range of our self-help modules. The test does not provide a diagnosis, only an indication of which modules suit you best. The questions are about your situation over the past three months.

How does the introductory test work?

The introductory test consists (depending on the module offer) of a maximum of 32 questions. It concerns questions about, among other things, your age, gender, home situation and to what extent you experience mental problems in which area.

After you have completed the introductory test, you will receive an advice. Based on your answers, it will be determined which modules are best for you to follow at the moment. These modules are placed at the top of your module overview on your dashboard under the heading 'Important'.

Less urgent modules are placed under the heading 'Point of attention' or 'In balance'.

So there is a ranking in the modules. If you have not taken the introductory test yet, the modules are listed in alphabetical order.


You can find the introductory test by clicking on 'Restart introductory test' at the left-side menu in your dashboard.


Go through all the introductory test questions.


You have completed the introductory test. On the dashboard you will see now that your modules are classified based on your answers. Our advice is to start with modules labeled 'Important' and then with modules labeled as 'Point of attention' or 'In balance'.

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